Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment in Randwick

At Randwick Dental Clinic, we provide root canals without the pain or long recovery time. We know you need to get back to work as soon as possible. We make it easy with a quick and efficient process that produces better treatment results while getting you back on your feet straight away.
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The Best Technology for A Better Clean

We use the latest dental technology, including rotary technology and sonic irrigation, to improve the process of treatment. Sonic irrigation penetrates the canal for a deeper clean. As a result, we can fill the canal better, reducing the repopulation of bacteria.

This time-tested technique enormously reduces your chances of pain afterwards, as bacteria can’t get in and irritate the area again. We see better results both short- and long-term, as patients enjoy a pain-free recovery but also experience improved dental health.

Minimise Pain and Time Away From Work

Many people panic when they hear the term “root canal,” picturing weeks of extreme pain and time they can’t afford to take off work. It’s common to see patients who have postponed treatment out of fear.

This isn’t an optional procedure, but a critical intervention to save your tooth. Delaying treatment can cause further worsening of the condition, leading to complications. By the time we see you, there might not be enough tooth left to work with, and you could end up losing the tooth altogether. It’s essential to book an appointment as soon as a dentist informs you that treatment is necessary.

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Price of a Root Canal Treatment

The cost of root canal treatment depends on how many canals the tooth has, which ranges from one to four. These prices include all the visits and x-rays. These prices do not include the filling or crown on the tooth after the root canal treatment is completed.

  • 1 canal $1,122
  • 2 canals $1,472
  • 3 canals $2,086
  • 4 canals $2,436

If you have a Health Fund, you can contact them and obtain the rebate amount you are entitled to for the sedation. We can let you know the exact rebate and any gap using your card at the clinic, or you can contact your Fund about items like: 415, 416, 417, 418.

We also offer discounts and flexible payment options such as direct health fund rebate using HICAPS, as well as financing through Denticare and Afterpay. This way you’ll know exactly what fees are involved before you agree to treatment.

Removing Hard-to-Reach Bacteria

This treatment saves at-risk teeth by removing inflamed or infected soft tissues, or pulp, inside the tooth. Before filling and sealing the tooth, we carefully clean the inside of the tooth and the canal to remove all dangerous bacteria and prevent infection from recurring.

You may need this procedure if you have a cracked tooth, a genetic issue, or a complication from previous dental work. Symptoms may include anything from tooth sensitivity and pain to problems with the gums, like discolouration, swelling, or pimples. Prompt treatment restores your teeth and gums to healthy functioning while getting you out of pain quickly.

In and Out in One Visit

This safe and gentle treatment is appropriate for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Dr. Mario (Dentist) has experience treating all kinds of root canals, and he’s seen it all.

For most patients, this is a one-visit technique, so you can get it over with and return to your life straightaway. With less time in the chair and less down time afterwards, you’ll barely even feel like you had any dental work done.

Insurance Coverage

We accept insurance as well as Afterpay and DentiCare. We also offer payment plans, which we will go over with you during your first visit.

We work hard to keep your payment options and insurance process as painless as the treatment itself, so you can get in and out of the practice without a headache.

Root Canal FAQs

What is the process of a root canal?
It involves removing the infected pulp that is inside the tooth. The area gets carefully cleaned from bacteria and sealed. It saves the natural tooth.

Is it urgent for me to get a root canal? How do I know I need one?

Usual signs for the need of root canal are swelling, persistent pain or extreme sensitivity, discoloration, a crack on the tooth, tooth mobility, etc.

What causes a root canal system infection?

The infection inside the tooth usually can happen because of a deep decay or leakage of a filling.

Can I go to work after?


Will I need a crown after a root canal?

When the tooth is weak then the tooth without a crown is at risk of fracture.

What happens if an infected tooth is left untreated?

You could lose the tooth, or worse as an untreated infection can cause a life risking situation.

Is having the tooth pulled an option?

Is nitrous oxide an option?
Nitrous oxide sedation can help nervous patients have the root canal in a more relaxed way.

Are there any other options for treatment?

Tooth extraction.

How long does it last?

It can last a life time when it is well cared for.

How many appointments do I need?


Can I eat after?

Yes, have soft food while the tooth is numb.

What is the recovery time?


Will it hurt?

Not at all, the treatment is painless.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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