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Dental Crowns at
Randwick Dental Clinic

A crown is a restoration that covers your entire tooth up to the gumline. Unlike a filling that goes inside of your tooth, a crown goes over and around it. Some people refer to them as “caps”.

Reasons for Getting a Dental Crown

Crowns RandwickCrowns are ideal for situations where a tooth is damaged to the point that it can no longer support a filling. A few examples of when we may recommend a full coverage treatment include:

  • Large areas of decay
  • Recent root canal treatment
  • Moderate to severe fractures
  • Extended fillings that weakened a tooth
  • Individual tooth replacement with a dental implant
  • Advanced wear

Mess-free Dental Impressions

Thanks to advanced digital technology, we can completely bypass the need for gooey dental impressions. After prepping your tooth, we take a virtual scan that immediately transports 3D imaging into our software, which can be shared directly with the lab making your crown.

Not only is digital scanning more comfortable, it’s extremely accurate!

What to Expect

Getting a dental crown calls for just two appointments. The first visit is to remove the damaged tooth structures and prep the remaining enamel for a crown to fit over it. After the digital scan is taken, we install a provisional crown to minimise any sensitivity. Only a few days later, the permanent crown is cemented into place.

Insurance Plans Accepted

For payment options, all HICAPS health funds are welcome, including Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme and Veterans’ Affairs. If you have a gap or are without a health fund, you can apply for financing through DentiCare.

Our flexible office hours include evenings and Saturdays, making it convenient to work in your next treatment around an already busy schedule. Contact us today for an itemised treatment plan and detailed quote!


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