Orthodontics in Randwick

person holding up clear alignerA stunning, aligned smile is one of the best accessories anyone can possess. If your teeth are crooked, gapped or crowded, you may be reluctant to smile. At our Randwick practice, we offer effective smile-straightening solutions.

Not only can orthodontics give you a straight smile, but you can enhance your appearance and have a healthier mouth.
  • Invisalign®: As a global leader in clear orthodontics, Invisalign is a favourite aligner system for many reasons. Because Invisalign is practically transparent, you can straighten your smile discreetly. The aligners are also removable so you can enjoy your favourite foods. You won’t have to be concerned with food particles getting stuck between metal braces.

Boost Your Confidence

When you have a straight and beautiful smile, you will likely smile more and engage in conversation with others. You will feel better about yourself and welcome having your photo taken. Greater self-confidence also can help you in your professional and personal life.

Orthodontics Cost and Financing

We accept HICAPS insurance plans and feature financing through DentiCare and Afterpay. Because we provide clear estimates, you will know exactly what fees are involved before you ever agree to treatment.

If you have a Health Fund, you can contact them and learn in advance the rebate amount for the item number for the orthodontic treatment. It would usually be one of the following item numbers: 825 for the upper jaw, and 825 for the lower jaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should orthodontic treatment start?
7-9 years old is the best time. Adults can also have the treatment, there is no age limit.

How can I improve my smile?

Orthodontic treatment can definitely improve your smile.

How can I recognize a potential bite problem?

Orthodontic treatment can solve bite problems.

Do I need a referral?

The dentist will determine if you need a referral after looking at your teeth.

Will I need a retainer when my braces come off?

Yes, it is best to have a retainer after the treatment has finished.

Which is better, Braces or Invisalign?

Both are excellent options and each has its indications.

How do I clean my retainer or aligners?

Toothbrush, mini brushed to clean between the teeth, or flossing if possible.
How long does Invisalign take to get results?
6 months to 2 years depending on the severity.

Do I need to get my wisdom teeth out before getting Invisalign?


Can I whiten my teeth during ortho treatment?

Teeth whitening gives best result after the orthodontic treatment.

Will my speech be affected by Invisalign?

The tongue adapts very quickly and it is not a problem in general.

What foods should I avoid?

Sticky, chewy and hard food should be avoided. Of course try to stay away from sugar.

How often do I need to wear a retainer?

In the beginning you might be advised to wear your retainer day and night for a while and at night after that.

How long will I need a retainer for?

You can use your retainer at night indefinitely but 10 years is recommended after treatment.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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