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special offer headerCosmetic Dentistry at Randwick Dental Clinic

Since your smile is something that people notice first, feeling confident in the way it looks can have a tremendous impact on your lifestyle.


Some of our more popular aesthetic services include:

Invisalign® Braces — Removable, translucent aligners give you straighter teeth without fixed appliances.

Cfast Orthodontics — Tooth-coloured braces straighten your front teeth in just six months. They blend in with your smile or can be bonded on the back of your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers — Mask your smile instantly, making your teeth look straight, white and properly sized in just 2-3 appointments.

Teeth Whitening — Erase natural stain and whiten your smile by up to six shades. Choose between in-house treatments and take-home trays.

Or select aesthetically pleasing restorative options like porcelain crowns, dental implants to replace missing teeth and tooth-coloured fillings. As we combine various techniques, our quality and durable materials provide you with the healthy, whole smile they’re designed for.


Every smile makeover is a personal choice. But here are some of the most common reasons people decide to finally take the first steps:

  • An upcoming job interview or promotion
  • Planning for an important event, such as a wedding or graduation
  • The effects of ageing on your smile
  • Before placing new porcelain crowns, veneers or tooth-coloured fillings on front teeth
  • To enhance the impact of recent weight loss or plastic surgery
  • If smiling or laughing around other people makes you feel self-conscious
  • Flexible financing makes elective treatments easier to fit into your monthly budget

A Plan Formulated Around Your Needs

What are you looking for when it comes to a new smile? Your timeline, budget and aesthetic priorities are the foundation to all of our recommendations. We’ll help you find a solution or combination of treatments that can achieve (and exceed) the results that you have in mind.

What to Expect

Every cosmetic treatment starts with a consultation and exam. After we’ve identified your main concerns and discussed the best solutions to correct them, you’ll be able to start treatment.

Depending on the case, we may need to divide your work up between multiple appointments. Or, you can elect to have sedation for a more extended procedure where we can do several things at once.

Some people prefer to phase their visits out over a series of months, based on their budget and overall goals. The truth is, we can work around whatever you need. Your priorities are ours!

Protecting Your Investment

We recommend that each of our cosmetic dentistry patients invests in a protective mouth guard to wear while they sleep at night. This appliance limits the risk of chipped or worn porcelain, especially if you have a habit of clenching and grinding your teeth (bruxism). Thus, you’re able to extend the lifetime of all your recent dental work.

Schedule regular checkups at least twice per year. We’ll evaluate each of your restorations to ensure they’re holding up as they ought to and that no secondary concerns are developing. Your scale and clean will help keep things bright so that your smile stays white for as long as possible.

Request a Detailed Treatment Plan

Before agreeing to any type of cosmetic or other treatment, we’ll provide you with an individualised plan that maps out all of the required procedures as well as the fees involved. You’ll never have to second guess the costs.

We also offer flexible payment options including financing, making it easy to fit your smile makeover into your monthly budget. Contact us today!

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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