Oral Hygiene for Families

Keeping your smile healthy for life isn’t a matter of luck and good genetics — it requires daily care and a determination to implement habits that keep your teeth and gums clean. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

Floss Daily

Family brushing their teeth togetherPlaque biofilm and acids have a tendency to accumulate between teeth and just under the gumlines, leading to complications such as periodontal disease and decay. No matter how well you brush, it won’t clean these areas; only flossing can.

Wrap the floss snuggly around your tooth, sliding it down the side and just under the gumlines, rubbing up and down several times.

Should your gums bleed, it could be due to gingivitis or gum disease. Practice daily flossing and symptoms should improve within two weeks.

Hate flossing? Consider investing in a water flosser instead.

Brush Your Gumlines Well

Most of us tend to focus on our teeth while we brush. Although this is important, we also need to clean the edges of the gums where biofilm tends to accumulate.

Using soft pressure, angle the brush toward your gumlines at 45-degrees, making short back and forth movements on only one or two teeth at a time. Investing in an electric toothbrush can help!

Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps to rinse away acids and bacteria during the day, moisturising your oral tissues instead of drying them out or adding sugar into your diet. When possible, stick to fluoridated tap water to boost healthy enamel and lower your risk of decay.

Book a Checkup Every Six Months

As a prevention-focused dental practice, we aim to intercept common dental problems when they’re smaller and simpler to correct. Through regular checks and cleans, we can intervene and show our patients better ways to reduce the risk of issues like cavities and gum disease.

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