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Looking for a good dentist in Coogee? Randwick Dental Clinic is only a 5-minute drive and we offer a range of excellent dental services. Our experienced and friendly team offers everything from root canal therapy to teeth whitening to emergency dental services! Stop in today for expert dental care near Coogee.

Dental Services Offered to Coogee Residents

All of our dental services are provided by our experienced dentists along with highly professional staff members. Randwick Dental Clinic use latest technologies and techniques to provide the best dental treatment to Coogee residents.  Our Dentists can provide cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic specialised treatments including, professional teeth whitening, teeth straightening, dental implants and much more. For more information, simply browse the area of interest below.

General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Family Dentistry

We strive to treat our patients just like our own families!

Emergency Dental

Our Emergency Dentist can treat you for any dental issue including toothaches, ACC Injuries, broken Teeth, Wisdom Teeth Pain.

Directions from Coogee

About Coogee

Coogee is a suburb located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, situated 8 kilometers east of the Sydney CBD. It is a beautiful area with white sand, pleasant sea breezes and blue sea. The Coogee beach is a very popular area where people often swim, body-board and surf. The suburb of Coogee is bound by three main roads; Clovelly Road, Carrington Road and Rainbow street.

Coogee inherited its name from an Aboriginal word, koojah, which literally means ‘smelly place’ or ‘stinking seaweed’. This is in reference to the smell of decaying kelp that gets washed up on the beach. However it should be noted that despite this smelly kelp washing up on Coogee beach daily, it is always removed before it has the opportunity to smell.

Coogee is a very beautiful location where one could get involved in many different activities and events. Coogee has many events held each year. Some of the big events include:

The Island Challenge

When: Last weekend in November
Where: Coogee beach

2.4km swim from Coogee beach to Wedding Cake Island (just off Coogee beach).

The Annual Coogee Family Fun Day

When: First Saturday in December
Where: Parklands above the southern side of Coogee Beach

Amusement rides and stalls next to the beach organised by the Coogee Chamber of Commerce.

Putu Mayam Day

When: The first of every month
Where: Coastal edge of Coogee Beach

Malaysian delicacy: rice noodles accompanied by shaved coconut and brown sugar.

The Coogee Arts Festival

When: February
Where: Parklands above the southern side of Coogee Beach

Series of open air events featuring theatrical performances and a small film festival.

Coogee Carols

When: The weekend before Christmas 
Where: Goldstein Reserve opposite Coogee Beach

A night of Christmas carols.

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