For those living in Clovelly, Randwick Dental Clinic is only a short distance away.

Dental Services offered to Clovelly residents

All of our dental services are available to Clovelly residents including:

  • General dentistry – Dental Crowns and Bridges, Mouth Guards along with other genral cleanups or checkups, gum treatment, Wisdom teeth etc
  • Cosmetic dentistry – Dental Implants, Invisalign, Teeth Whitening , Veneers, Cfast
  • Dental care for children – Family dentistry includes routine teeth cleaning to teeth straightening, whitening to child’s first visits.
  • Emergency dental – Answer any dental emergency during office hours and can guide you or reschedule for treatment based on symptoms and emergency

At our practice we are proud to provide people living near Clovelly with:

Directions from Clovelly

About Clovelly

Clovelly is a suburb located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, situated 8 kilometres south-east of the Sydney CBD. It is a beautiful area with white sand, pleasant sea breezes and a glistening blue sea. Although Clovelly beach is a small beach it is very popular, with lots of people coming to have a swim.

Colloquially, Clovelly is known as Cloey. Clovelly is famous for being the home to one of the first surf lifesaving clubs worldwide, founded in 1906.

Suburbs that surround Clovelly include Bronte towards the north, Randwick towards the west and Coogee towards the south.

Clovelly was originally known as Little Coogee and only received the name Clovelly in 1913. It is named after the local estate owned by Sir John Robertson, the village of Clovelly on the north Devon coast in England.

During the summer Clovelly beach is the centre of community activity and is patrolled at all times by lifeguards. On weekdays council lifeguards patrol Clovelly beach and on weekends and public holidays Surf club members patrol Clovelly beach.

The area of Clovelly has a small shopping centre situated around Clovelly Road, a beachside hotel and a Bowling club all of which have beautiful coastal views. There are also two schools located in the suburb of Clovelly, Clovelly Public School and St. Anthony’s Catholic primary school.