Dr. Mario Wais

Dr. Wais is a Spanish-speaking dentist & a member of ADADr. Mario Wais is a Spanish-speaking dentist who practices in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney in Randwick. He received his Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina in 1991 following which he worked as a general dentist in hospital and school clinics while also serving in a private practice. He furthered his studies and received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1999 from the University of Adelaide. Dr Wais strongly believes any dentist who has graduated from a variety of dental schools shows a commitment to quality of dental care. As a result Dr. Wais is a member of the Argentine Dental Association, the Australian Dental Association as well the International Dental Research Association.

For over nineteen years Dr. Wais has been committed to practicing dentistry, dedicated to treating both English speaking and Spanish speaking patients. Currently Dr. Wais practices at the Randwick Dental Clinic, which he established in 2001, a preventive and advanced restorative dental practice with emphasis on cosmetic results. The Spanish speaking community in the area has especially welcomed Dr. Mario Wais, as their Spanish speaking dentist who helps looking after their community.

With more than 600 hours of continuing education, Dr Mario Wais has extended his range of dental services practicing in both English and Spanish to encompass; minimal dentistry, root canal therapy, implantology, oral surgery and advanced preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

The Randwick Dental Clinic has a highly skilled team of professionals fluent in both English and Spanish ready to assist whenever necessary. The philosophy of the practice is to ensure, using the most advanced techniques that you and your family get to keep all your teeth throughout your life; pain free, with dignity and with good function and appearance.

The clinic is catered for not only English speaking patients but for Spanish speaking patients as well. For the Spanish speaking community in Sydney the clinic offers a Spanish speaking dentist, a Spanish speaking dental assistant as well as a Spanish speaking receptionist for those Spanish speakers who may feel more comfortable speaking in their mother tongue.

If you require a Spanish speaking interpreter simply call our receptionist on 9314 5226 and ask for a Spanish speaking interpreter. Our team of professionals will always be happy to help. If there is no one available at the time to help you in Spanish, we will take your name and telephone number so that a Spanish speaking member of our team can contact you as soon as possible to assist you with whatever problems you may be experiencing.